Man-beef, nudity and underwear dancing!

Today was such a crazy day. All you extreme shoppers and pink-bloggers, can go and chew on a stick or something! I shot and changed 300 outfits today! You have no idea what amazing "changing clothes" skills AND soar armpits i'm left with! Like, who needs education, when you can change 300 outfits in one single day! I mean, who doesn't want that! (the changing clothes part, not the armpit part). I also figured out today that my head can pop trough the tiniest openings! Another grand party trick to remember.

Another interesting thing happened today, well a lot of things actually, but i'm gonna talk about this one in particular. The fact that i suddenly find it COMPLETELY normal to stroll around AND dance in my underwear in front of a giant crew of people i have no idea who are. Tap dancing, bootyshaking, a little quickstep, you name it! I did it all! It did put a smile on people's face's though! One so much that he even gave me some chocolate! I don't know if it was some sort of reward and thank you for my awesome entertainment, OR if he just thought i looked really hungry haha.

I will admit that 300 clothes in one day IS tiring and it's great to have something that sparks your focus and mood. Like two man-beef that is constantly undressing. I can honestly say that it really did the trick! Yeay for nudity! But who can blame me, really... I live in an isolated house, with 12 other girls. We are seriously lacking and in deep need of some testosterone! Well at least i am. The other girls have boyfriends and probably does god knows what with them. Me on the other hand got 50 shades of grey.. Like that's making the situation any better. Anyhow, back to the man-beef's.
The only problem is when i sort of forget to do my job, cos all i can think about is how much i wanna squeeze that perky Turkish but! Haha. Oh well i guess there's no harm in some discreet peeking!

So i guess you can say that it's all in all been a great day. Lot's of fashion and even more nudity. Just how we like it!

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